2013 Results

First Swim

A perfect evening and a great turn out (65+ swimmers) for the First Swim in the World Series. It was a straight start and handicaps were applied based on completed swims from last year.
1. Billy Ryle 2. Seamus Hoare 3. Joan McElligott 4. Phillip O Reilly

Swimming Time Sheet 2013 – First Swim

Handicaps – First Swim

Second Swim

The Paddy O’Sullivan Memorial Swim (760m) took place on Wed 12th June. A straight start took place from the Slip with 69 swimmers finishing at the shore. Results (after handicap) were:
1.) Verners Tess 2.) Phillip OReilly 3.) Ciara Tierney 4.) James O Callaghan

Swimming Time Sheet 2013 – Second Swim

Handicaps – Second Swim

Third Swim

A three wave Hanidcap start from Lockes Beach to the slip in which 69 swimmers took part. welcome to the new members who joined the club. Results after Handicap were:
1st Mike Finnerty, 2nd Ciara Tierney, 3rd John Carmody, 4th Mark Bennett

Swimming Time Sheet 2013 – Third Swim

Handicaps – Third Swim

Fourth Swim

A three wave Hanidcap start from Lockes Beach to the Wheel Rock and back in which 65 swimmers took part. Results after Handicap were: 1. Dave Smyth 2. Anna McCarthy 3. Billy Ryle 4. Brendan Culloty

Swimming Time Sheet 2013 – Fourth Swim

Handicaps – Fourth Swim

Fifth Swim

An individual Hanidcap start from the slip to Lockes Beach for the Donald Walsh Memorial Trophy. Results after Handicap were: 1. Antoinette Boyd 2. John Edwards 3. Niall O’Loinsigh 4. James Slade 5. Michael O’Connell JNR

Swimming Time Sheet 2013 – Fifth Swim

Handicaps – Fifth Swim

Sixth Swim

Lighthouse Swim. Start from Slip around lighthouse and back.
Results after Handicap were: 1. Suzanne O’Sullivan 2. Lorraine O Halloran 3. Sinead Kane

Swimming Time Sheet 2013 – Sixth Swim

Handicaps – Sixth Swim

Seventh Swim

Brendan O’Callaghan Cup. Start from Slip to pier and back (1225 m).
Results after Handicap were: 1. Mick Harkin 2. Kieran Kelliher 3. Niall O Loinsigh 4. Ciara Tierney

Swimming Time Sheet 2013 – Seventh Swim

Handicaps – Seventh Swim

Eighth Swim

Gerald Walsh Cup. Start from Lockes Beach around 4th Bouy (760 m).
Results after Handicap were: 1. Caroline Markey 2. Michael Slattery 3. John Brick 4. Suzanne O’Sullivan

Swimming Time Sheet 2013 – Eight Swim

Handicaps – Eighth Swim

Hat Numbers 2013

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