Winter Swimming


Our Winter Swimming will commence on Sunday The 18th October at 11 am from Lockes Beach  and every Sunday at 11 am . First up will be the popular Turkey Series . There is a contribution of 2 euro per week to the kitty and before Christmas we will have a raffle for Turkeys and Hams and Roses  and other Christmas fare ., You get one entry per week attended .  Our winter swimming is traditionally non wetsuit  and everyone is welcome to join us . There is no pressure and no racing . You can swim to The Slip or just do a splash n dash . It’s a great bit of craic and as usual there will be plenty of tea , coffee , hot chocolate and goodies for everyone . It’s agreat way to get the blood flowing on A Sunday morning and is the best hangover cure known to man !  The current water temp is c 11c  and this will fall to about 7c  by Christmas .

Cold Water Swimming Can Improve Health and Vigor

Cold water swimming can be very beneficial to long term optimum health. Routine swimming in cold water can (i) boost metabolism, (ii) improve blood circulation,(iii) help build and maintain a strong immune system, (iv) improve skin tone and skin health, (v) improve libido and fertility, (vi) release endorphins to improve feeling of wellness and vigor, and (vii) encourages good sleep.

So come along and join us and give it a try ….you know you want to !