May News


Safety ……..With our current spell of fine weather , many of you are taking to our beaches and rivers for the first time this year . We would like to ask all of you to be very mindful of water temperatures and currents . Please be sensible and stay safe !
Church Gate Collection …..We would like to thank everyone who helped out with The Church Gate Collection last weekend and everyone who donated . All of the swimmers that helped out will receive one valuable point towards The World Series competition .
Swim …….The Hugh Culloty Expert sponsored Round 1 of The World Series took place last Wednesday evening . A beautiful ,warm ,sunny and calm evening greeted the swimmers to Fenit . A flat calm sea made for Idyllic conditions . An incredible 98 swimmers turned up for the race . There were various reports of distance between 620m to 780m but we can put this down to a lot of swimmers not having an ideal line . We are calling it 650m Still a short sprint for the first night . We started off with the new Group E for beginners and 4 swimmers headed off for the first buoy and back with all making it back safely . Congrats and well done ! Group C and D went off next and this was the biggest group because of the amount of new comers in Group D . Group B followed 3 minutes later and the sprinters of Group A , 3 minutes later again . It was incredible to watch as 98 orange caps battled for positions all over the course . There was a bit of a delay at the finish as we introduced a new finish system but this will be sorted for Round 2 . Cillian Tierney was fastest on the night by almost 2 minutes . There’s no stopping this young man ! After handicaps were applied Group winners are as follows . group A ,1st David Smith , 2nd Cillian Tierney 3rd Alan Murphy .
Group B 1st Antoinette Boyd 2nd Dominic Rollo Walker 3rd Fiona Leahy and Group C ,
1st Suzanne OSullivan 2nd Eileen Nagle 3rd Morna OHalloran . Well done all ! Thanks to John Edwards and The Kayakers for safety cover and thanks to the timers and everyone else that helped out . Round 2 of The World Series will Take place on Weds 8th June from the bathing slip at 7.30 . Distance c 1000 metres . This round is The Waterworld , Rock St , Tralee sponsored Paddy OSullivan Cup Swim . Paddy was one the founding members of the club . Prizes for Round 1 will be awarded before the swim . We would ask that you kindly stay around after the swim for Round 2 awards . All prizes not collected will be forfeited to next on the list .,


Latest Updates May 2016


Darkness into Light Swim …….51 brave swimmers showed up in Fenit at 4 am Saturday morning to help raise funds for Pieta House . ¬†All swimmers had been briefed before hand and arrived ready to go at 4.15 am . Complete with 2 glow sticks each it made for a spectacular sight as they entered the cold water in pitch blackness and proceeded to swim the length of the shore and back . With help from Wild Water Adventures , safety kayaks . Fenit RNLI and The Gardai . , The swim went off without a hitch and will certainly remain in the memory for a long time to come .

Club Membership …… Club Membership is now due . It is 55 euro for a competitive swimmer or 20 euro for standard membership . We will have a registration night on Tuesday 10th May from 5.30 to 7 . Alternatively you can call into Graham in Surf n Sail .
With less than 3 weeks to go to the first swim in The World Series we hope that you are all enjoying getting acclimatised to the sea . The first race will be a nice short 500 metres . A few things for you to know first .
May 28th and 29th are the club flag days and we need everyone on board to help out . As always there is 1 VALUABLE point for everyone who helps out . This point has come into play more than once when Deciding Swimmer of The Year .
Again , the same as last year , everybody taking part in The World Series is required to give one night to Club Duty . I will have the list at registration night in The Meadowlands . In the meantime you can email me your preference .
New swimmers to the club will swim in Group D twice until they set a handicap time .
There will be a new group this year “E” . This is for beginner or nervous swimmers or if you just want to take part . This group will swim to the first buoy and back only . There will be a prize for this Group at the end of the year and it will be based on participation and enjoyment .
New Club Hats will be given at registration and they Must be worn at all club swims .
Another change this year will be The Finish . There will be NO numbered hats this year . You MUST finish at a designated area . You will then exit the water in order of touch finish and give your name to the timekeeper . The designated finish area will be c1 metre wide and anyone who finishes outside this area will not receive a time and will get a DQ .. This is in order to streamline the finish .